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The Inspired

Welcome to Inspiring Women Today! We are sisters (Debra Collier-Harris and Diane Collier) who love pouring inspiration and encouragement into everyone we meet, just as others have poured into us. We created Inspiring Women Today to equip girls and women with the skills and resources to thrive.

Our day-to-day activities consist of running Strategic Training & Consulting, a company that provides registered agent services, business formation filing and services that ensure businesses stay compliant with the state.

We love fitness, traveling, and empowering others. Although we reside in Houston, Texas, we are Corpus Christi natives and graduates of the University of Texas at Austin.


Debra Collier-Harris, M.Ed, Ed.S.

Diane Collier M.P.A, M.Ed.

IWT Board Members & Community Partners

IWT has an exceptional team of board members and community partners that work together towards a common goal of empowering girls and women. The board members, comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the organization. Our community partners provide essential resources and services that help us carry out our mission. 


Nina Justice
Board Member

I have been in the advertising and marketing industry for the past 12+ years currently working as a Creative Optimization Manager on the Mobile App and Paid Social Marketing team at Expedia Group. I have a B.S. in advertising with a business certificate from University of Texas in Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!). I am a wife and mother to 2 amazing kids (13 & 5) and 2 amazing bonus kids (15 & 16). I enjoy any DIY projects, most recently those around home decor and love expressing my creativity through creating shirts/cups/etc. when time permits. I am a big foodie and love to try new things so continue to add to my list of must try brunch and dinner places around Austin. 

Stay tuned as we introduce more board members and community partners!

The Inspiration

Our inspiration is WOMEN.


Every day we are inspired by women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and interests. They are teachers, doctors, stay at home-moms, business women, athletes, students, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers.


We are inspired by women we meet in passing who briefly tell us their dreams, passions, and accomplishments.

We are inspired by women we have never personally met, but we see and admire their drive and determination in various aspects of their lives.

We are inspired by women who are persevering through challenging situations.

We are inspired by women who are simply navigating this crazy thing called life the best way they know how.

They inspire us to dream bigger, take risks, persevere, pursue our goals, and positively impact others.


Most importantly, they inspire us to inspire other women.

What inspired us to create Inspiring Women Today?


We created Inspiring Women Today because we believe that creating a platform for women to inspire other women can be extremely powerful.  Whether it’s through spotlights on women, blogs by and for women, or the forging of meaningful connections between women, we aim to inspire the next woman, and the woman after that. While we birthed the idea of Inspiring Women Today, the website is not ours. Rather, it is a platform for any woman that seeks to inspire and be inspired. We would love to hear your voice, learn about your experiences, passions, challenges, and successes.

A woman who has written a book can inspire another woman, who has dreamed of being an author, overcome her fears and put pen to paper.


A woman who is owning her story and her imperfections may inspire another woman to do the same.


A woman who has transitioned to living a healthier lifestyle can inspire another woman to change her health and fitness habits.


The ways and opportunities to inspire others are endless.


Our hope is that through this online platform, created for and by women, you are both INSPIRED and an INSPIRATION.

The world needs strong women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who love bravely, both tender and fierce. Wome of indomitable will.

Amy Tenney

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