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Inspiring Women Today is a 501(c)3  nonprofit!

Inspired Women Inspire Women

No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around  you. Success is never reached alone.  And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.


                                            – Mizzfit

About Inspiring Women Today

Inspiring Women Today is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Houston, Texas on a mission to empower girls and women through health and wellness workshops, entrepreneurship education and micro-grants for women business owners.
Our mission and our WHY extend to fighting period poverty by providing menstrual and hygiene items to girls and women who need them most.

 The EntrepreneurHER Workshops are free and interactive professional development workshops on topics that enable and empower girls & women on their entrepreneurial journey.

PublisHER  strives to empower girls through writing and design. PublisHER seeks to build self-confidence, promote self-expression, and guide participants through the process of self-publishing a book.


We aim to connect women with and provide them with a platform to share their inspiration, knowledge, and creativity. We believe there is power in women mentoring and pouring into one another.


Through spotlights, we aim to highlight girls & women making positive contributions in their field and community, and paving the way for other women to reach their own dreams and goals. 

Summer Event: Date Coming Soon

Inspiring Women Today: Blooming with Grace.jpg

Blooming with Grace!
A Yoga + Flower Bouquet Making Event

Blooming with Grace is a Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ & Floral 💐Bouquet Making event created to inspire and empower women.


Part 1: The event will kick off with a rejuvenating yoga session, designed for all skill levels!


Part 2: Flower Bar! After a great yoga session, attendees will tap into their creative side by arranging their own bouquets from a vibrant selection of fresh flowers from our flower bar.


We look forward to seeing you on the mat! More details & ticket info coming soon! Event proceeds support our Micro-Grant Fund for women entrepreneurs/business owners!

Past Event: June 8, 2024


ConnectHER: A Hygiene Kit Packing Event

Join us on June 8th for a day of giving back! We will be packing care kits consisting of hygiene & menstrual items for girls and women in need as we help end period poverty. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other women in the community + support a great cause. Let's make a positive impact together!

Network + Give Back = Have fun making a difference!

FREE Event! Attendees are encouraged to bring 1 menstrual item (ex. a pack of pads, tampons, or panty-liners). 

 2023 Micro-Grant Winners

The Socially Connected - Jennifer Perez.jpg

The Socially Connected

Jennifer Perez, Owner

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VFit Gym - Valencia Higgins.jpg

VFit Gym

Valencia Higgins, Owner

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Equipping girl and women entrepreneurs with skills and resources to launch and propel their business.

Key workshops include website development, graphic design, business planning, bookkeeping, and point of sale set up.  


Empowering girls through writing, design, and personal development workshops. 

This 16-week program guides participants through the journey of writing and publishing a book of their choice: i.e.  poems, songs, novel, cookbook, autobiography, comics, writing journal, planner.


Feauturing women game-changers who positively impact their field and community. 


Ashley Ro' Jones

Momma, Wife, Therapist @Florish Sanctuary

I offer therapy, which means I have a bunch of tools to guide folks while they reach mental wealth goals. I see all types of people. I am inclusive and take a holistic approach that is still backed by science. I bring the healing arts to the therapy. 

My WHY is my legacy. What I want to leave behind. My enthusiastic ability to use my wit and wisdom to show people they can be in.

Full interview coming soon!

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For women by women.

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