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Why EntrepreneuHER?

Research has shown that women are making huge strides in business ownership. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016/2017 Report, nearly 163 million women started businesses across 74 economies worldwide last year. This is amazing but women entrepreneurs still face challenges and there is still room for improvement. Two key areas are confidence and funding.

Inspiring Women Today seeks to build the confidence of aspiring and current entrepreneurs by equipping them with professional skills through its EntrepreneuHER Workshops.

EntrepreneurHER Workshops are FREE and interactive professional development workshops on topics that will enable and empower women on their journey to reaching their entrepreneurial goals. Key workshops include website development, graphic design, business planning, and point of sale set up. Most importantly, these workshops are designed for participants who have little to no experience with website development and graphic design. 

In addition to gaining applicable skills to help jump start their projects, participants can reduce their initial business expenses by creating their own website, logo, or marketing materials. Participants learn foundational business skills such as compliance, bookkeeping, point of sale set up, and social media best practices. 


Our EntrepreneuHER workshops are presented by industry professionals. Workshops are interactive and provide valuable and applicable tools that participants can apply directly to their business.


Square Point of Sale & Payroll


Website Design 

(Wix, Shopify, Squarespace)

Social Media for Businesses

Business Compliance

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